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What We Do We design, create, implement digital technologies and more since 2011. We believe that perfect solutions in technology are available to everyone.
Design Branding Technology Support
We create websites, portals, online shops, portfolios for small and large customers. We create the entire visual profile of companies and individuals, logotypes, branding, advertising materials. We implement WEB and CMS applications, create templates, code websites, write multimedia applications. Each of our clients receives full support in all technological areas.
Responsive web design for desktop and mobile HTML5 and CSS technology CMS systems Business card pages Joomla! and Wordpress implementing Websites refreshing Maintenance of web solutions Site migrations Social media Logotypes and slogans Offer materials Company prints Business cards Business papers Consulting Product materials Coding projects to HTML and CSS Joomla! and Wordpress deployment Joomla! and Wordpress templates GameDev engines One page layout Responsive design WEB administration CMS systems Joomla! and Wordpress applications Hosting Knowledge base Security and updates E-mail and communication systems Mobile and desktop configuration Administration and modifications Technological consultations Selection of IT equipment
About Us
Our mission since 2011 is the use of many years of experience acquired on the IT market in order to effectively help in the business problems of our clients.
We focus on perfect solutions suited to the needs and technological possibilities. Both the implemented, efficient processes and software with customer satisfaction are our greatest value. No matter what is size of the project, we always engage fully, combining many specializations.
We believe that perfection is available for anyone.

Professional courses for the video games industry


Regional criminal portal



Regional website



Forklifts - repair and consulting



Magical florist near Poznan - Poland


Anna Drobek Law Firm


Accounting office Raphicc


Consulting firm


Insurance and financial multi-agency



Guest rooms "Magnolia" in the health resort Jedlina-Zdroj


Accounting office MM PROFIT


Tools and technologies
Months of experience
Technology partners
Game Dev We are proud that since 2015 we take initiative on the Game Dev field. The effects are the opportunity to cooperate with BeautifulBee Team in creating new, passionate gaming projects.
Super Galaxio PeeQuest The Lamp Lighter
Very first project and very successful gameplay. Thank U Galaxian for inspiration, Thank U GameDevShool for pressure of time. Created on P-JAM Pyrkon 2016 PeeQuest is 24 hour Game Jam project. Try it and chceck why this game achieved Award from Jury. Point and Click adventure puzzle game, on nearly end developing state. Lovecraft universe, criminal atmosphere, misterius puzzle ... who doesn't like it.
When Wendy Dies? Strings Theory
Survival-horror endless runner in shadow theater style. Don't be scared You die anyway... don't You? Available on Android. What if there is no such thing as matter, but only string of energy? Stay tuned with as and check Dev Diary to see info about our newest game.
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